What are Attention-Adjusted® Reach Curves?

Attention-Adjusted® Reach Curves (AARC) elevate reach-based planning by filtering out non-attentive impressions, giving media planners a view of their potential attentive audience.

AARC’s also give customers the true human attention volume for the reach they’re buying so that, per channel, they can see how their investments translate to eyes-on-ad attention in direct relation to audience size. This in-turn allows them to better tailor their campaign spend and placements toward the most effective channels and formats. 

This is in contrast to traditional reach curves, which are designed to show media planners the relationship between the number of content impressions an ad receives and the number of people who actually see the content, relative to their budget. Attention metrics and AARC's now highlight the disparity between reach volume and actual attention volume.

Take advantage of this industry-first capability by using Amplified Intelligence's attentionPLAN media planning tool.